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Prosessor.AI is a high-grade AI/ML data provider company for a smarter world. Our network of passionate experts integrate human and machine intelligence to create the most accurate data for your AI/ML projects at any scale.

With the increase of our success of huge network ability and by making our clients satisfied since 2015, we have achieved to expand in all over the world. Each year, it is making us happy to see the volume increase in our operations and satisfied clients thanks to unique quality of the deliverables. This is assured by our quality management systems and well-trained teams embracing our core values and working culture. With this and by recognising our competitors, we continue creating an essential impact on the market.




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Prosessor Values

We care about people!

Our teams are our greatest asset. We firmly believe that an engaged workforce is the foundation on which everything is built.

Communication & Responsiveness

An effective communication is the first key to the success in this remote-working world. Hard to belive? We think Prosessor is a live proof of this!

Quality and Speed Balance

Without prioritizing one over another, we can establish the balance between quality and speed, which enables us to deliver high-quality projects that are not rushed.

Solution-Oriented Thinking

Searching every aspect of a problem through solution-oriented manner, not just solving but also we offer a better way to do it.

Perfectionist Mentality

What we do contains perfection, there is no room for a flaw. This mentality naturally brings along the high quality in our deliverables.

Passion & Commitment

Passion is a testimony of our engagement and dedication in what we are doing. With passion, we seek the best and commit to it.


As Prosessor, we offer our clients a wide range of services varying from data collection and data annotation to translation and localization.

Data Creation & Collection Services

When your AI product requires data collection from certain groups of individuals for further training, Prosessor is at the wheel throughout all the process from A to Z! We do the recruitment and data recording for you all over the world.

Translation & Localization Services

This is how our adventure started! We are helping you create bridges between cultures and languages worldwide by providing comprehensive translation and localization services.

Data Annotation Services

Already have the data, but need it to mean something? We gather and train the top annotators for the perfect human-driven data varying from speech transcription to image validation or bounding box tagging.

Staffing Services

High level of network capability with human resources, and already expertise in our team, we are able to provide you with highly specialized annotators for your relevance judging projects.


Project Details

We get all the details like guidelines, objectives of the project as well as client’s anticipations.

Roadmap Creation

As per the project requirements, a roadmap is created to determine the best way to handle the project.

Project Setup

We assure to have well-tailored teams and examine the trial of appropriate tools to make every process flawless.

Real Work

Here we start! Exclusively trained and committed teams will carry out the project exactly as planned.

Expert Evaluation

Thanks to our experience and technology, our team of experts will be evaluating project progress and quality case by case to make sure of that it runs smoothly.

Timely Delivery

It is not the time to waste time. In each step, we assure to commit to the deadlines and use our time wisely, which results in timely delivery and mutual satisfaction.

why Prosessor?

Communication Skills

We have always tried to make every member of our community always feel welcomed, valued and appreciated. We are not doing this on purpose, that is who we are.

Creative & Practical Mindset

We were born ready to form creative alternatives in a practical manner by assessing the project’s needs on the way.

Adaptation & Orientation

We are aware of our dynamic job which makes us even more powerful. With our proactivity, we can keep up with any changes professionally.

Time Management

Everything runs like clockwork and goes as planned in Prosessor. We never let the time manage us or apply pressure on our teams.

A Community Having All of These!

We like to share, discover and learn together with our teams. And working with a community that is embracing our culture and values is a bless.

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